Anyone using an iCat on their 426?

i've got it on my 450,things awesome :)

Anyone using an iCat on their 426?

Is it like an iPod :) I dont have one of either :D

I got one for my old 98' WR400 and put I put it on my 98' KX250 when I got rid of the WR. On the WR I got better gas mileage, started easier, idled smoother, and took out a little of the backfireing. I didn't notice much, if any, power increase. On my KX it made a huge difference in gas mileage, starts and idles great, and never fouls plugs. Again I didn't notice much of a power increase, maybe a little more responsive though.

I just saw the price on this thing $200??!! OUCH For that price..... it better ride for me! :)

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