Newbie clutch failure question

Last weekend I blew out my clutch in my '03 yz450 in a local enduro-cross. I started to feel it fade, as in not disengage until the lever was closer and closer to the grip. By the end of the lap my clutch would not disengage and letting the bike cool off did nothing.

I was told I need to replace my plates. It seems to me that worn plates would make the clutch slip, not only be engaged. Why would worn friction plates make the clutch only be engaged? Am I barking up the wrong tree? Any advice would be helpful.

It depends on what happened to the clutch. If the the clutch increased free play when hot and letting them cool did nothing for it, they could have seriously warped. Simple wear should reduce free travel. Pull the cover and take a look.

Did you try just adjusting the cable? It could have just spun loose so that the lever won't pull the plates apart. Look at where the clutch cable goes into the crank and move move the clutch lever. If it doesn't move the actuator on the crank then that's your problem.



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