woods exhaust

2005 wr450 with all the free mods done and a james dean installed could you help me out and let me know which exhaust muffler is best for the woods my stock exhaust does not sound good and i here that after market exhaust really helps out.

I have heard that Michigan is very strict about sound levels and want you to be under 93 db. All of the pipes will out perform you WR pipe, but will also raise the noise.

You have two options

1. WhiteBrothers E2

2. FMF Q - New versions a quieter

I have one of the older Qs on my YZ426 and have not need to re-pack it for over two years. Still under 96 db.

If you can find one on Ebay is your best bet. TT sells E2s for a good price.

Thunder Alley, if you can get one quiet enough.

FMF Q, I have one and I really like it. Quieter than stock and still makes decent power.

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