'04 450 Tie Down Point?

How do you guys tie down the rear of your WR?

My old DR had some slots back there in the seat frame, under the taillight that worked great.

I'm yet to find a good way to pull in the rear. The reason is I mount it on the tongue of my camp trailer, very much like using a receiver hitch hauler, and would like the extra stability.

Any funky tricks you guys use? :)

I have used a rachet strap with a hook (with plastic around it) and put the hook around where the foot peg meets the frame. You can usually put it just right, so it does not touch the paint on the frame

My truck has a loop on each side in the rear. I run it up over the fender and use a rag to keep it from rubbing the fender. Then from the same loops I run one around the tire through the spokes. If you start it out low and then spin the wheel after it's pretty tight. I know it sounds paranoid but better that then watch my bike tumble down the freeway :)

This is on a three rail bike trailer so I'm not sure if this will help you. I run one ratcheting strap across the top of the rear tire then to eye bolts that are bolted to the trailer. This really stabilizes the bike.

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