What One To Go With

Being That There About The Same Price Do I Try The Power Now Or The Boyseen Quick Shot For My 04 Yz 450? The Only Thing Ive Done To It Is A Jardine Exhaust.

High Compression

To be totally honest, I haven't seen the need for either one on my 450. It does anything but bog, and if it had any more bottom end power, I'm not sure what I would do with it. :)

Work on your suspension.

yeah suspension will make u faster then any motor mod

I have both - and they have their positives....as well as the Twin Air powerflow kit & JD Jetting kit...... :)

...but I agree,the suspension is where to start putting your money - it will make you a better more confident rider - I recommend Enzo Racing but there are many good branded shops as well as regional tuners that can help you dial in your bike

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