XR 650 Clutch failer

My 2001 XR 650 R sat for 12 months with out a ride. I took it out this weekend after checking the oil and fluids. The bike ran OK felt like there was something wrong with the carb. I let it warm up and rode it around for 5 minutes on a flat track. Parked the bike and turned it off. Started it again 5 minutes later and the clutch wasn't disengaging.??? Took it apart and the clutch disks looked fine the basket had locked up. :) the good thing was I got the extended warranty when I bought the bike, talked to the dealer and it might be covered under warranty. So the big question has anyone else has this problem with their bike? :) I will post the out come of this on the site after the bike is fixed. :D Thanks

Thanks for the information. The link that you sent me answered the question. Thanks again

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