CRF600X sneak peak?

My first XR, an XR80, taught me one of the most important lessons in my life - it was the first time I had to face reality - I wanted a CR80, and my dad coaxed me into an XR, because it had a warranty, and was a more reliable four stroke. He wanted to see me riding, rather than having the bike sitting in the shop. I was opposed to the idea at first, but I soon realized that it was a good idea - I was riding the XR one cold early October morning when the bike just died in the middle of a field close to town. I pushed 'er home and Dad and I took it to the dealers, where it turned out that I had a broken crankshaft!! But the repair job was covered under warranty. Even back in the 70's, that repair job was not cheap (I cannot remember the figure, though). So the XR was my lesson in reality. And it was also the first time that I realized that the latest-and-greatest craze is a self-defeating game to play. The XR taught me contentedness. It taught me to measure and consider my own abilities, and to develop my skills, as opposed to being the flashy guy. I wish I could achieve those things to the utmost, but I can't. But at least I know that those endpoints are there, and I can use them to find my way through life.


BTW, with adventure racing, survival series things going on all the time, this really is the time to start pusing the XR bikes! It's an opportunity knocking on their door! And they should also send out some L riders on a round-the-world trip to get some exposure! We need to expose the cult following because that's "cool" right now. Ulterior motive - keep the R and L alive!

its ok too get rid of the L but not the R if the R had electric start no one would get the L

A V-Twin 450cc Enduro??? :):)

Must cost $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ :D

The Frame, swing arm all of it looks cool.


The Frame, swing arm all of it looks cool.

Looks hard to clean. :)


The XR is more than a bike - it's a culture. The latest/greatest craze can't claim that, so we need to keep our bike alive if we don't want our culture to go down the toilet with it.

Honda might play marketing games and rename them CRF's (with or without actual changes) but as long as they are selling they will still catalogue them.

Remember that not so long ago your bike was part of the XL line (a long proven line of dualsport bikes with a good following) before Honda hijacked the XR name for it, being the "performance" image of the time. Despite confusing the hell out of people since, everyone got over it!

Did you guys get the most updated list on page 4? Any more additions??

One thing that'd be good is if you have certain parts that we can use to compare. For example, if someone requests fatter pegs, then give me a company and model name to put beside that recommendation.

A V-Twin 450cc Enduro!

Yes, I thought that was kind of whimpy too! there must be some way to squeeze a Ducati 999 superbike engine into that frame! :)

Can we get an actual list of parts that fit our description on page 4? Will come in very useful.

let me know....

Can we get an actual list of parts that fit our description on page 4?

"Our Description"? No doubt Honda's marketing team are sitting on the edge of their seats...pen and paper in hand! If you want anything to come true you will have to ask for:

1) Bold new graphics

2) Cheezy new fake rad shrouds for air cooled designs

3) Arbitrary renaming to "CRF" because that's "cooler"!

4) Unnecessary intake and exhaust plumbing that must be removed to make the bike run properly.

5) Advertising campaign featuring some motocross rider who has no connection to machine at all! :)

Add it to the list! Just being sarcastic.

Sometimes I wonder if Honda spends more time trying to make their bikes cheaper rather than better....the XR's might have higher quality components, in terms of durability, throughout, mainly because the design hasn't changed that much.

I would like the 650R engine, ( it is already fast and reliable) with electric start that can be removed easily if you don't want the extra weight along with the battery. Street legal barely (you know, like the 650L was supposed to be), a high output lighting system stock, with removable blinkers also. Offer a deal at purchase for two sets of wheels and tires and a power up kit with the purchase of the bike They used to do that with the DZ 302 Camaros with a dual carb setup in the trunk. Gearing could be change with the rear sprocket on the off-road rear wheel and engineer extra adjustment in the rear chain adjustment to accomadate not having to shorten/lengthen the chain with wheel swaps. An adjustable multiple ignition map set up would also be nice along with a plug in speedo/odometer that can be easily removed. I love my CRF but absolutely no titanium valves. Everything should be light, modular to facilitate easy removal, and maybe slim down the chasis a little so it does not feel/look so wide. Oh yeah, electronic fuel injection if it can run sans battery and can accomadate proper fuel metering with the lighter, better flowing exhaust that are sure to follow after purchase. :) And current motocross suspension quality to boot. :)

That seems to be the dilemma facing anyone who does more than one type of riding. If your a motocrosser a crf is perfect, if your a desert racer a 650R is made to order, but if you trail ride, do some motocross on local tracks, head out to the desert occasionally, then you have to keep more than one bike, that can be expensive for alot of riders.

If Honda could shave 20 lbs. off the 650R I'm sure many more people would buy them. Dirt Rider magazine gave the new husaberg a pretty good review, it was light (for a big bore bike) and they said the faster they rode it, the better they liked it. It has had in the past some reliability problems, time will tell if they got them worked out.

I love my 650R, just got back from my first desert ride with it, granted, its not my yz 250, but i was amazed at the speed i could maintain, (however i was faster on the whooped out sand road on my 250) but I had a awesome ride on that big 650R. Plus I'm still working out setting up the suspension and bar set up for my liking.

AND the street legal thing is awesome with my 650.

Well, thats my 2 cents. later, mike

Cool. I'll add Four Stoked's comments to the list, for what I can.

Okay, look through the parts list on p.4, so we can complete the specs.


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