uk riders?

just wondering how many of us are from the uk,

and also whether anyone would be interested in a days ridding somewhere.. motoX track green lane whatever, might be fun all them thundering 4 strokes would sound like amagedon

I'm up in Scotland with some killer trails on my doorstep.

My mate is deivering my WR to me next week, so have to make do with the TTR for now.

Welcome to come up and have a try at the Sidlaw Hills, but be warned, there is a bit of snow still up there.


Keep it between the hedges!


I'm stuck down here in the south. Hoping to get up to Chippenham on 10th March, assuming it isn't closed 'cos of the F'n'M !!



i'm only 6/7 miles from wildtracks (chippenham) but i've put my name down for rugby that day.

i ride for free up at thetford which is just another 12 miles up the A11. there, i wander through to a fire break & do my testing.

i've joined a group called or something or other. they are about green laning.

i'm getting a group up for easter sunday/monday.


I am in Bristol, bored as bike is stuck in the garage!!

Here's hoping that this F&M clears soon!!!

So far F&M has not hit us up here in Scotland, but the snow has. Most of the roads are closed round here just now, but that shouldn't be a problem for the bike...Trouble is, my WR is down in Wantage at my mates house, and he can't get it to me until next week now!!!!

Looks like I'll have to stick with TTR and keep off the farm land access for now.

hey taffy,,,

easter sunday/monday? wot date is easter this year?

,,, might be interested in comming along if your'll have me? would i get away with a yz ? or wud i need lights etc?

providing the wrist i broke this sunday is usable by then,,,,,,ohhh and the 27 stitches are outa my mouth haha,,,, tank slappers,,,,gotta love em,,,,,,anyone got a steering damper for sale?

your risk, but yes i'd say no problem.

i'll let you know as we go.

easter sunday is 15/4 & i'm 15/4/61

on the sunday i'll ride like a tiger & on the monday like an old fart-

that'll be the alcohol!


oh good ill look forward to that,, i could probablly buy a headlight and stick it on

and if needs must wire up a battery


there is one long trail called peddars way between thetford & snetterton. it goes all the way up to kings lynn. there are a few trails but you aren't allowed in that much, given how huge it is.

mildenhall is still being used

call 01638 718667 for more info

the area i use is very sandy, like swamp in parts. you go whereever you like. but to be fair the MX boys have laid out a nice circuit at the moment.

i shouldn't go where i do.


headlight yes, battery; don't bother.

use bullshit when in trouble.



As you're from that area, do you know if they still practice at Mildenhall?

And are you allowed to ride anyhwere in Thetford forest, or is it only certain areas?



ill get one on order,,,


I live in shropshire!

anyone near me?

Are their any good places for a group of people (10ish) to hire trailbikes and go riding 4 a day around shropshire?

Cheers in advance TOM

i live in warwickshire.

but ill traval most anywhere for a good days ride,,

dunno how soon i will be fit tho having my hand operated on next wednesday, so expect maybe a few months unable to ride ,,,,"BUGGER"

Hi everyone,

New boy here, I am from deepest Dorset, now heres a thought, are any of you guys up for a trip to the isle of man during TT fortnight

They have superb tracks over there :D and plenty of bike stuff going on that two weeks,

Beach races , moto x and even an enduro on the last weekend :). If anyone's interested drop us a line and we'll meet up , I have been for the last 11 years so know the tracks pretty well. Cheers for now



as the welsh would say; a man after my own heart!

i took the WR to the Manx GP in sept & rode the trails there for the first time, loved it!

i get the same week off each year (week 6 of the hols) & because i've been going since 1982 find myself going back every year to see my roadrace chums.

how many people can claim to slotting a CBR600 engine in at midnight, riding a trail over the island to get to the grandstand & be in someone's pit crew the next morning!

love the place, wouldn't want to live there mind, but love the place.


Originally posted by sandracer_uk:

just wondering how many of us are from the uk,

and also whether anyone would be interested in a days ridding somewhere.. motoX track green lane whatever, might be fun all them thundering 4 strokes would sound like amagedon

hi there

i live in ipswich,suffolk with a road registered yzf400 looking for some action

Hi there

I live in the black contry

I've just had my wr stolen, but will be getting another

my best mate "H" block lives round the corner and also has a wr.

Anyone eles in the Midlands? as we don't know of many places to ride. Has any one conciderd a WR owners club over ere? might be fun and usefull when getting spares/equipment/events oranized.

Just a thought see yazz


I live in the black contry

I've had my WR stolen, but will be getting another. My best mate 'H' block also has a WR and we were wondering if there are any other WR owners in this area?

Has anyone considered starting a WR owners club over here? might be fun!

hi westy i live in warwick not a million miles away,

i have a yz so no lights etc,, but ill prolly fit some non workin ones if i can find a good trail to ride

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