Best DOT approved knobby pirelli, dunlop?

Anyone have any feedback on the best dot approved knobby for a xr650? the Pirelli mt18 looks pretty good and i would think it would be the best, but the dunlop d606 looks not to bad either.

Second question would be the size. stock rear is a 110/100/18. and the front is 80/100/21. would a larger tire both front and rear yield any handeling benefits? appriciate anyone with experience with either of these questions i would really appriciate some feedback. thanks, mike.

I had pirelli MT21's on my '79 XT 500. Best dot tire I ever rode on.

I had pirelli MT21's Best dot tire I ever rode on.

Me too - I liked them better than the 606 :)

thanks for the replys, think i will go with the pirelli. the mt18 looks like a motocross tire, dont know how they got a dot rating for that tire. good for the dual sport riders. thanks, mike.

What, no vote for the terrorflex?

Not always the best mannered, but no doubt the traction king!


What no votes for the Kenda TrackmasterII??? Good all around and cheap as dirt.

I have run the 606, mt21, Teraflex and the kenda trakmaster II. No doubt in my opinion, the flex and kenda win. Although the Flex is more impressive to showoff.

I'm very happy with my kenda Trakmaster!! :):D but NOISY on the street!!! :)

I run MT21's on my 650l and have had them on since the first week I had the bike. I now have almost 1,900 miles and the rear tire is still great and front is like new. I did more street riding this year too, pretty happy with them. Go for the 140 rear tire!


I've got a stack of tires to review as rides permit - now I just need some more wheels to mount 'em all up...

From Left to right: Dunlop 755F = 80/100-21 (off HWY) -- Dunlop 756 = 110/100-18 (off HWY) -- Michelin Enduro Competition IV = 90/90-21 DOT -- Michelin Baja 140/80-18 DOT --Avon Distenzia 90/90-21 DOT -- Avon Distenzia 120/80-18 DOT

My goal was aggessive dirt with a DOT and Aggressive street DOT - I'm not shooting for any middle ground with these choices that's why I want another set of wheels to keep swap times down to minutes. The Dunlops are what I run in the dirt right now.


and the closer look at the Enduro Comp - remember this is a DOT tire - looks like an S-12 in a harder compound.


I like the Kenda's for a DOT dirt tire. Only complaint is lack of traction on rocks. Must be the harder compound used for "some" street duribility. But if I have to climb a large, smooth rock ledge, I treat it like ice. That is what it feels like with the Trackmaster II. Other than that, I like the tire. It is loud on the road.

That enduro comp is one mean looking tire. if that is dot rated i might try it out.

After all this i end up with a dunlop 606, go figuer. well this weekend i will try it out at sunfair dry lake. i'll let you know how it worked.

I am mad in love with my raises the bikes height which sorta sucks for us 6ft or lower peeps, but it works like a monster off road and hooks fine for the street as well.

What? Didn't hear that. Sorry, ears are still ringing from my Trakmasters on the pavement. Ha!

Hey skyriver,

Where are you located at in wa.? I will be beck up there(Seattle area) in september.

What? Didn't hear that. Sorry, ears are still ringing from my Trakmasters on the pavement. Ha!


I love my Trackmaster. :)

I'm in the big city of Covington. Not sure if you're familiar with it.... It's between Kent and Maple Valley. I just got back on 2 wheels after a break that was WAY too long. Haven't broke the pig or myself yet, but already have a few guys that are good ridin buddies. Give me a shout when/if you're up here and we can take you out. This is all on the condition you're not a nutjob. lol!

Im a nut job, sorry dude...... Still wanna go riding? Yup, Ill be up there in mid september. I wouldnt mind packing some fishing poles around either. You like hookin into some salmon/trout?

best DOT approved, i didnt know there was such a thing. kenda has a good one though, so i have heard anyway. theirs is the K270

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