93' Xr600 Back Fires

I have a 93' honda XR600. It starts fine, idles fine. Once it gets warmed up it begins to back fire alot and wants to stall. I have to keep it reved up to keep it from stalling. Once it has stalled and is warmed up it's difficult to start again. I've tried changing the fuel mixture, and that didn't help. Has anyone else ever had this problem. If so could you head me in the right direction. Electrical problem, timing, air leak???? Thanks in advance...

air leak maybe...try the old carb cleaner around the air boot trick?

Sounds like the carb needs cleaning, pilot jet is probly plugged.......

If it runs fine cold, and choking it doesn't make a difference, maybe the coil gets hot and arcs, might start it in a dark garage and watch around the coil when it backfires and see if theres any arcing spark, check spark plug, lokk at all wiring and connectors and grounds.

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