Stuck Valve Shim - Help!!

I just got my new 2005 WR450 a couple weeks ago. After 220 miles I thought I would go ahead and check the valves since I'm also doing the JD jetting, AIS removal, PMB insert & grey wire. 4 of the 5 valves were about .001" on the tight side. I removed the first 4 buckets and shims easily with a magnet, but the 5th valve shim (RH exhaust) just won't come out. I've tried large magnet right on it, and trying to pry it out with the tip of a pocket knife with no luck. Has any one else experienced this, or have any brilliant ideas?



That's a new one on me. If you have a set of small precision screwdrivers, you might be able to get a better bite on it with the smallest slotted. When you do get it out and replace it with the next size down, make sure you coat it with assembly lube and make sure it turns freely in its seat before you reinstall the bucket...SC

I had a couple stick also.

What I did was take an 3/8" extension and place it on top of the valve spring next to the shim and lightly tap the extension with a hammer. The shim will start to work its way up and you can grab it with a small pair of pliers.

I would suggest that it isnt actally stuck. When two parts with a very tight tollerence are lubricated with oil, the oil film 'sticks' them together. Tip a bit of petrol (to wash the oil away) over the shim using a squirty bottle and gently blow it with compressed air. I'm sure it'll come out. I would strongly recomend that you don't use screwdrivers, pliers, etc

From time to time I will have a shim that almost refuses to come out. Try placing a socket that's big enough to compress the valve and still has enough clearance for the shim to fit inside. Tap the socket to try to loosen the shim. Not too hard though or you may loosen the valve keepers!!!! I usually have just as good luck tapping the shim with the magnet quickly. On and off, hard and fast and the shim will ususally follow the magnet out eventually. Good luck!

I like the washing with gas idea. I would concider using some heat to get it come loose. Banging prying and pounding are not a good idea. Good luck.

Thanks everyone for all of the advice. I tried using a magnet after a slight amount of solvent with no luck, several carefull taps on opposite sides of the cap did the trick. I used an open ended wrench with points touching on both sides. The angle of the wrench worked out well since I couldn't directly get on it due to the frame.

It sure gives one piece of mind to know that so much help is only a few key strokes away.

Thanks Again!!!


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