Help me build a tabletop jump for my kids

I'm planning on building a tabletop for my kids to practice on and would welcome any and all suggestions on type of dirt, size , length , hight etc. My thought was to make it about ten feet long, eight feet wide, and four feet high to start with. Both my kids are very familier with bikes, and my daughter has raced motocross, but my son is just now starting to show an interist in jumping. Man, I wish my dad would have done stuff like this for me when I was a kid, maybe that's why I do this kind of stuff for them.

I would just go to your favorite MX track and pick a reasonably small jump (like you are describing) and measure it.

My friend who built jumps always put them too far away from the previous turn and we had tooo much speed built up by the time we came to the jump.

My .02c

If you made it ten feet long and four feet high, you could only jump 6 feet... Assuming a 45 degree ramp (rather steep) you would rise 4 feet, and run four feet on both ends... this would leave about 6 feet of jump in the middle. I think a ten to 15 foot table would be a good start, but the base-base dimension would have to be at least 18-23 feet. That is still assuming 45 degree ramp. which I think is rather steep. A little steeper than 30 degrees though, and you will be fine. Make sure the whole length of the bike can fit on a flat plane on the takeoff, or you could end up with a kicker. Not terribly bad if you know what it is, but teach them on something confidence building... Can you do all the trig? Not hard... Let me know if you need any help.

Fly-Man is correct. A 10' tabletop is waaaay to short. To prevent being thrown forward upon takeoff, you want a somewhat gradual takeoff ramp. As the skills increase, you can go to a steeper ramp. I would suggest at least a 20 - 30 foot top for your table. Off course it depends upon the speed prior to the ramp. When I was new to tabletops, I never thought I could clear one at my local practice track. After a summer of practice, it was common (and kind of dangerous) to easily clear the whole thing and land on flat ground. Never make it too easy. It will only stunt the growth of skill.

Thanks for the ideas, I am looking forward to this project. I will consider making it longer as my son improves, my daughter will just tell me it's too easy, but I don't want to scare my boy out of doing something he's just now showing an interist in.

Again, Thanks


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