Larger tank on '05

Now I love my '05 450, I have not had a complaint about it yet. But I do know that my buddies are eventually going to want to go on a longer ride, around 90-100 miles. I am a little worried with the smaller tank, and am considering the larger. Does it make it impossible to work on the carb though? How many miles can you guys pull out of the larger tanks?

Ascerbis 3.3, I'm getting 100 miles easily, pulling the carb is difficult either way :)

Another happy Acerbis customer here...SC

Me too!!!!!


another vote for acerbis, getting about 90-100 miles per tank.

Are they the ugly white that I have seen though? I bleed blue, and I gotta stay blue if ya know what I mean

They come in Blue, Black, and natural (which is cool since you can see the gas level) :)

Did you guys with the Acerbis tanks have to change out your radiator shrouds to the YZ shrouds?

nope. i have a 05 wr 450. i put a acerbis 3.3 yz blue and the shrouds fit perfect.

Acerbis blue with stock shrouds. :)

Any problems with the Acerbis tank fitting around the AIS system?

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