Hot Start? Whats that?

I'm proud new owner of a used '02 YZ 426. I gave up my RM 250 2 stoker and converted to four strokes to see what all the fuss is about. Well, the guy I bought the bike from was a squid. He didn't have a manual for the bike. I heard rumors that these bikes are hard to start when you dump them or when there hot. I asked the suid about this, and his reply was "I never use that thang, It always starts on the second kick, hot or cold" Well, I went riding yesterday for 15 minutes. Ran like a champ. Saw some buds and stopped to have a chat. Hit the kill button. Talked for a few minutes, went to start her up, and would you belie it, no start. Had to push it back the truck and take it home. I couldn't get it started no matter what I tried. How do you start a hot bike? Any help would be appreciated.

Pull out the red switch on the carb...kick it over like normal. Push red switch back in.

Same compression release drill as any other time.

If you can't keep from twisting the grip while you kick (the "Two-Stroke Twist"), take your hand off the throttle grip and put it next to the throttle.

Pull the Hot Start button, DO NOT pull the choke.

Kick it. If it's running right, it should start in 3.

If you totally flood the bike, open the throttle all the way once and hold it. Kick it through 6-7 times with the compression release held down to clear the flood, then start it as above.

my 01 yz426f usually starts without the hot start unless i go down. But if it wont start hot do this:

1 kick kickstarter to compression stroke.

2 pull decomp. lever in and move kick starter

1inch more.

3 pull out hot start (red button on carb)

4 kick all the way down.

5 it should start!!!!!

It almost sounds like you have a jetting/carb setting problem too. If you tried every combo and got nothing, I would be awfly suspicious. I had a "oooops" on mine once and it wouldn't start on normal settings (no choke/hot), pulled the hot start(red) and she fired right up.

Another thing, if mine ever gives me a hard time, I always kick it through a few times with the decomp and no gas/choke just to clear her out.

Happy ridding!!

I only use mine if I go down also.

Same here. I don't need my hot start unless I dump her or accidentally open the throttle while not running. Did you foul the plug? It doesn't happen as much on 4 strokes but it can happen. Good luck.

Welcome to the world of 4-Strokes.

For the first three or four rides, all that I accomplished was figuring out how to start a cold bike, how to handle the decompression breaking without stalling it, and how to start a hot bike. I changed so many plugs, I can do it in my sleep.

Now that I'm use to it, I can usually start a hot bike on the 3rd kick.

Some tips that helped me:

1). Never touch the throttle. Hold the handlebars to make sure that your wrist isn't twisting when you kick.

2). Always use the hot start button after the bike has been started for the first time.

3). Give it a full kick. I actually kick, let the kickstarter come all the way back to the top, count to three, and then kick again. In the beginning I was short kicking it. Trying to short kick it like a 2-Stroke doesn't work.

4). You have to mentally accept that if you stall the bike, you might as well put it in neutral, push it into the shade. Have a snack. Build up your energy. And follow the starting sequence to the letter.

Now that I have had the bike out about 5 times now, it's no big deal. I almost always stall it somewhere on the track and usually get it going in four or five kick (if I had the throttle on when it stalled).

Another thing that I have found that helps is putting the bike on a stand. I think that all of the kicking force goes directly to the engine when you're on the stand. You don't lose any kicking energy from the suspension compressing during the kick.

It also helps to take a few extra minutes when you start the bike to let it warm up. The bike should run by itself on idle if it is fully warmed. If you have to throttle it, it's not ready or your idle or jetting is off.

I'm actually starting to get use to the thumper. It is nice. It takes getting use to and as Ricky said "You have to have a little respect for the big bike".

You have to treat it like a horse. You're riding a living breathing animal. It goes when it is ready to go.

Have fun.

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