'03 WR450 Starter / Battery Woes Again......

NC or anyone else know of a good aftermarket battery for a WR? The stock batteries won't last more than a few rides. To be honest I don't know for sure if it the battery or the starter. I went thru the starter communtator and found a couple dead spots and fixed it by cleaning the winding and recrimping the contacts. It only seemed to work for a while. I don't use the starter unless I'm in a pinch or dead tired and it seems to fail more times than work. I never crank it cold on the starter. I cranks to easy with a half-hearted kick every time. At this point its worthless dead weight. I know they are working correctly on most everyone elses bikes, but mine. Should I buy a new starter? Send it out to Ricky Stator or a reputable shop? Help me out guys I'm done with it. :)

I have done the '04 starter drive upgrade.


Take it back apart and solder the pieces you recrimped....

I have an 03 and have never had a problem with the battery, have never had to even put a charger to it! And, I haven't kicked it since the 1st ride, when the starter button went awol....

The starter on my 03 WR only lasted one season, took it apart and tested the armature it was bad, from the looks of the finish on the commutator I am suprised it ever started the bike. Between that and the money I spent upgrading the poorly designed starter drive system to the 2004 set up (I was afraid to ride the bike more than a few miles from the truck, if it back fires and snaps the key you're pushin it), I contacted Yamaha customer service, they refused to admit there were any defects in the design of the bike and will not stand behind their product and left me to foot the bill, I should have bought a KTM, I'll never buy another Yamaha!!!! Not because there was problems with the bike, because Yamaha does not stand behind their products or their customers, I bought two new ones on the same day.

i'd bet it's still the starter and your not the only one with the problem. of the guys around here, it's about 50/50 on who's starter still works on their '03's. mines in a box along with the '04 upgrade parts, the battery, and the starter clutch from the back of the flywheel(it failed also). i tried to solder the communtater contacts but the windings seem to sink the heat away and i couldn't get a good bond. besides, they smeared epoxy over half of them when they built the starter. if you find a good shop that can rebuid these at a decent price, post it. there's alot of us that would like to know about it.

I'm still on the original battery in my 03' , and i didnt do the starter upgrade.

not ALL of these bikes had problems.

(so watch mine puke the next ride out)

I have an 03 wr450, and have done the starter upgrade to an 04. Prior to the upgrade my starter motor was failing like yours, and would pull my battery down with only a couple starts. I developed a dead cell in the battery and then it was worthless as well. It would not even hold a charge. I replaced the starter motor with an 04 starter motor when I did the upgrade and bought a new battery. The guys at my local bike shop told me to add a dab of silicone to the connection wire prior to installing the starter motor. Water, suit, and sand creeps into the starter motor and causes the damage.

Knock on wood it has started everytime. I also bought a battery tender at Walmart for $25.00 and uses it about every two or three rides. Hope this helps..

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