88 XR600 - Low speed sputter

I've got a 1988 XR600 that I purchased a few months ago. I bought it in Phoenix (ele 1500 ft) and brought it home to Flagstaff (ele 7000 ft). As soon as I got it home, very difficult to start. It had a 175 main, needle second to the bottom, 60 pilot. It has gutted air box, aftermarket exhaust. Anyway, took carb apart, cleaned it, moved the clip to middle, and went down to a 165 main. It started right up ( :):D ), but sputters in the 1/8 - 1/4 throttle range (especially low speed crusing in second gear). I've moved the clip up, down, changed pilot (58), adjusted pilot screw, checked value clearance, blah blah blah. I can't seem to get it to not sputter. Plus it seems to still be running rich (some black exhaust, heavy smell to exhaust, black plug). Any advise before I break down and take it to the shop? Thanks

probably still to rich for your altitude.

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