I just cut the grey wire on my 02 and did everything I was suppose to do. I warmed it up and it was fine for about 1 minute and then all hell broke lose. Now if I move the throttle at all, it cuts out and makes a loud popping noise like a backfire. What the heck happend, I thought it was supposed to make it run better?

Is the Hot Start pulled out.

No it's in.

all the gray wire does is change the ignition mapping

I don't see any way the gray wire being clipped would change it that drastically I would put a new spark plug in it and make sure you have fresh gas and don’t leave the choke pulled to long that will foul plugs you might clean the carb too

I clipped mine and it just changed the midrange to top end :)

Thanks master. I'll give that a try and see what happens.

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