BRP valve seats out of the head???

Anyone ever heard of this? My 01 xr 650L went down about a month ago with no compression. Today the mech at the Honda dealership tells me "the valve seats came out of the head."

He/ they have never seen this one before and its gonna cost me $1500 to rebuild the head?

What to do?

the bike has 14000 on the clock but it hasn't been abused (ive had it one year and put 1500 on it my self)

It doesnt have any major mods on it (KN filter and uncorked the exhaust)

I bought a Honda to avoid major probs like this one. They're supposed to be so reliable and all.

What gives? :)

$1500?? That is ridiculous, I think you can get a whole new head from Honda for under $400!!

Once upon a time I heard of the valve guides coming out, but not the seats. $1500 is ridiculous. I cant believe the dealer didnt want to just outright replace the head. list the head for $516, I found a motor kit ( engine, carbs electronics) a few months ago for $900

Must have got real hot at some point, maybe to lean.

Must have got real hot at some point, maybe to lean.

Thats what I think, Got hot and the seats got loose and then fell out..... :)

1500 is pretty extreme to rebuild a cylinder head..... :D

Probly not much more and get a complete eng.... :)

Rebuild? Replace? Who can remember? I was still in shock from the news when he started to explain it all. I just remember it was all bad news.

He did call Honda NA and they have actually had this happen before (acc. to the mech). I am hoping and praying that they may at least make a good will offer to help me out.

I can't stand the thought of not having the thumper around, and I just bought my kid a 70 so we could ride together!

Talked to a friendly honda tech today, his thoughts were severe overheating or peening from extended overreving. his standard for 4 stroke top end job is 3 hrs teardown and cleanup +3hrs reassembly and test run X 65 hr plus parts. his estimate off the top was aprox $1000 with a new head, valves, and springs . Might consider taking it home and buying the service manual , its really not that hard to replace the head yourself and then you'll know your steed inside and out and save some bucks too.

the honda place told quoted me a price of 700 bucks for a new head for my 83 xr500. it's the same head right, if so where you get the 400 dollar price from.

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