05' WR 450 free mods

I just got a new 05' wr450, I like it cept it seems to have troubles unleashing it's power. I'm thinking the exhaust is definetly going to go because you can't even hear it, and when you can't hear it, it's restrictive. Plus I just love the sound. I have a 1983 XT550 in mint condition with a Answer pipe on it, and that thing is by far the best 4 stroke i've ever heard, so going from deafining 550 to quiet 450 sucks. I'm also going with a K&N filter and maybe a less restrictive intake setup if they make one. Let me know if you know different intakes. Anyway, I've heard several of people on this forum talk about "free mods" but I couldn't find out where they were listed or what they were. Could anyone please enlighten me? Thanks,

I found it here by searching. I will try to locate it again.

Found it:


This says its for the WR250 but the grey wire, throttle stop, air box and exhaust baffle all apply to the 450. I also changed to a Unifilter versus a k&n. I also changed to a 168 main jet and it is a totally different bike now.

Hey thanks man

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