This really sucks!

Hey guys,

Had just finished rebuiding cali450's 05 WR (remember he had ran into a truck in Randsburg). We decided to take a ride back to the crash site just to reminisce. After lunch we were cruising to Jaw Bone canyon. Cali450 was just cruising while I was gettin with it, next thing I know a washout was staring me in the face and there was nothing I could do but crash. I ended up shattering both wrists, (compund fractures in both) broke my right ankle, bruised sternum and tailbone, and ripped a peck muscle in my right side. I guess my riding is done for quite awhile, hopefully not permanently as the doctor is talking about fusing both wrists :D will know friday after surgery. For you guys that ride in the desert, be careful with those damn things they sneek up on you without notice. Will respond with status when I can.

P.S. the only thing wrong with my bike is a cracked plastic frame around my headlight :) BE CAREFUL!

Man that sucks. Out of curiosity, how did you type your post :)

Kids are handy for some things in life :)

Thats harsh bro. best of luck to you

That sounds like a nasty crash. January of 04 I crashed hard on my CR125, I broke everything attached to the subframe, including bending the crap out of the subframe when I crashed, I bend my bars really bad (the grips were still in perfect condition after the crash) I broke my left forearm, the larger bone was broken straight across, and also cracked lengthwise, and I was knocked out for an unknown amount of time. I also cracked my the front of my helmet, and I was riding on soft dirt. Your crash story beats mine hands down. Good luck with your wrists.

Holly Crap!!! I felt pain just reading that. Take care.

Gell Well Soon!!!!!!!

That's terrible... Like you said, those things sneak up on you, I've noticed it real bad ridding out here in the Antelope Valley ever since all that rain we've had. I hurt just thinking about what you typed.... :):D

Hope you get well soon! :)

I'm still recovering from one broken wrist. I can't imagine two - not to mention the other injuries. Good luck.


Sorry. I had to make a funny.

Bad Karma out at that place. Hope the healing goes well and you get good news on Friday.

yup gotta watch those washouts. they scare me the most. when ripping the desert and one comes up on you, you're totally comminted. sorry to hear about your misfortune.

Desert you are a tough EMER EFFER!

Heal quickly!

Ouch man! Hopefully you can recover.

Well that sucks BIG time. :D We had record rain in so cal this year so LOTS of new ruts and wash outs. BE CAREFUL ALL! :)

Man... That's really a bummer! It was bad enough having my right hand in a cast, I can't imagine being without both of them. Hope you mend soon and find some way to pass the time quickly. You may find yourself limited to the amount of activities you can participate in (makes for many a boring day). Best luck with your surgery, and hope you will be riding again soon!


Sorry. I had to make a funny.

the kids are gonna vanish when they see you head for the crapper(if they're smart kids anyhow) :) sorry had to get on the funny wagon! i guess if they do fuse them you could still ride?

Man that really dies suck!

Scuse me for being dim, but what do you guys call a washout? We dont have that phrase as such here in the UK.

Is it like a flooded area or a big hole in the ground or summat?

A section of trail that's been washed away by rain water, looks like a huge rut.

Get well soon Des........ :)

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