This really sucks!

Best wishes to you, I hope that you have a full recovery and will be able to ride again

as soon as it is possible. I am also on the injured reserve list, 2-weeks ago I broke my

foot after I took a tumble down a steep hill. I want to offer a warning to everyone

about foot protection I had on a pair of $250 boots and they did not save me, by the time I went down 10 feet my foot had twisted hard enough to snap my small leg bone.

Needless to say I was very dissapointed in those boots and will be getting a new pair

that offers better protection.

WR400 WA state plated. Having this much fun should be illegal.

As long as your bike is allright......

You have really bad luck. Hopefully you have used it all up. From here on you should be fine!

Wrist injuries suck! Sorry for your pain!

Damn, that does suck. I always get a little scared when we first go out to the San Rafael Swell in Utah for that very reason. I had a wicked getoff 1 1/2 years ago out there because of a washed out area.

Take care and get well soon. :)

Remind me of NEVER going riding with you are your very unlucky crew.....J/k.

Wait just a second Moto.....I resemble that That was a wicked day fer sure. Here's a few things that Desert left out. We were between Randsburg and Jawbone store with about 15 miles either way. It was about a scorching 90 - 93 degrees out there ( I'm bald so I have these supernatural abilities to guess the weather). The closest thing we had to shade was me standing over him and no water. After we made sure that he wasn't knockin on death's door, I grabbed his cell phone out of his pocket. I looked at it real quick and it looked broke. I thought for a second how to tell him he might be screwed. Then after a second look I realized it was a plastic cover. I was still trying to get my eyes right after a long ride in the sun with dusty goggles. I called 911 and tried to give them directions to the middle of the desert. That was fun.... to top it all off the dispatcher was a woman (no offense ladies). Damn the luck!!!! I'm guessing my directions were somewhat clear because off in the distance I start to hear the thump thump thump of the chopper. Problem is my eyes still hadn't settled and I thought it was coming in from another direction. By the time I realized where he was at he was pulling a flyover (CLEAN MISSED US!!!!) Now I gotta call that lady back and have her redirect the chopper back to our local. Finally the helo lands and the paramedics are all over him. Good story???? Well mine starts there. If you remember from Desert's first post, I had just broke my foot (5 places, I still hurt) two months ago. Now the choppers gone, the fire rescue paramedics loaded up and pulled out and I'm there alone. You guessed it!!!! TWO bikes, 30 miles from camp. Now I gotta ride back, load my bike, pack up camp, load all the gear, drive back (by the way, that was 30 miles straight across the desert mountains) 45 miles, pick up all of deserts gear ( the stuff they didn't take with them in the chopper), and load desert's bike, shag back to bakersfield where they took my buddy. You want Irony??? Desert just got his new truck, yep you guessed it again, a WELL lifted Chevy. By the time it was over I was dying, they shoulda sent the chopper for me. "And know you know....the rest of the story." :):):D


Glad to see you are still alive! I had a bad one a while back....a neck roll saved my arse for sure...just curious...did you have one one?

Take care!

Sucks to hear about your crash. I hope you heal quickly.

that sucks. heal up fast :).

I am just getting over a dislocated shoulder- (1 month ago)(yes wr450 related) I thought that sucked!! Hope you get well soon and will be able to ride.

All the best hope those wrists get back to normql and soon... :)

If you end up with fused wrists just install a quad thumb throttle and get after it! I watched a guy at the Chehalis Vintage race last year that had the thumb throttle set-up on his Maico and it didn't seem to slow him down, he beat Jim Pomeroy!

Best Wishes and a speedy recovery!

I ended up shattering both wrists, (compund fractures in both) broke my right ankle, bruised sternum and tailbone, and ripped a peck muscle in my right side.

Compound fractures; unbelievable (and painful)! How fast were you going? Man, that's some luck; as not many wear wrist protection...

Take care,


Dude's, I'm here at Desert's pad. He just got done with his wrist surgery and (luckily) he didn't have to have them fused. He said to thank everyone from TT for all your support. His kids are not wiping his ars...his wife is (now thats true love!!!!!). He wanted to let ya'll know he'll see you this winter in the desert, you won't be able to miss him, he and his candy ass friend(me) will be the slow ass's slow'n ya'll up.:):) We'll thats all for now and I'll keep ya'll posted (see'n as how cripple...I mean desert can barely hold his own beer). Thanks again for your support guys...........

Dude, thats tough!! At least you got your kids to type for ya

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