05 wr450 colorado high altitude riding

:) hey,

i have a 05 WR450 which i'm riding in Colorado between 7,500ft and 13,000ft. all the free mods are done, but the rest of the bike is standard.

what jetting are people running at this altitude? and what other mods have people done for riding at this altitude? also looking for riding Buddy's around Basalt, Glenwood springs, Aspen area? thanks :D

stock jetting should work pretty well for you at that altitude? What jetting issues do you have? :)

I've got an '05 with similar setup to yours and the AIS removed. I made the following jetting changes, with all other jets stock:



JD red needle #3

This jetting worked great at 8,000 feet and cool weather this weekend. I haven't been above 8k yet but I think I want to jet for 8-9k so I'm happy with this jetting so far. I may raise the needle a little bit but that's about it.

The good news is that the same jetting worked well down at Moab (4k feet).


popping and farting off the gas, and small amount of bog (which i could live with) neil :)

hey story, how did you remove up the AIS? :)


Sausage boy,

Bring that firebreather to the Front Range this Sunday for the Rampart Poker Run. One of the best riding areas left around here and we have had rain...should be about 600+ riders....

I am still trying for the third time to jet my 03 WR450..still pops on decel...but look for us...we will be the guys with the best gear in the world, but ride like crap!

No offense intended but asking sausage boy to go from riding in the basalt area to rampart is like telling the waitress "No, take the Filet Mignon back, I want the Head Cheese". :)

This is probably a stupid question,,, but,,, how do I know if I have the right jetting setup?

I'm in Durango and ride mostly the trails around here at an elevation of 6500' but I ride Moab as well and up in the high country around 8000'...

05 WR450 with the only mod so far is the throttle stop screw shortened and the airbox snorkel removed...


Classic, MotoG!!! But it's all we got....maybe we should all come up to Basalt!

the front range eh? sounds like a nice invitation but a little too far for a one day excursion. sausage

Hi SB,

One of the rare times it would have been worth it. Much rain the day before to cut the dust....had close to 600 riders all going in the same direction. It was great. With that many riders, it showed how strong the dirt contingent is around here...good time all the way around. They do it again in the fall, so think about it..it may not be as scenic as your area, but it ain't bad [and it keeps us out of the West Slope!]


[still cracking up about the filet and the head cheese smack!]

Classic, MotoG!!! But it's all we got....maybe we should all come up to Basalt!

I'm not a playa hata, just having fun. You've got all the killer MX tracks though.

What position do you guys have your needle at?



I have my settings stock (uncorked, FMF silent core muffler, and my needle is a stock 04 wr 450 set in the middle) and it is ok for Denver. When I am riding at 7000+, I turn my fuel screw in to one turn and live with a rich needle and main. I mostly ride it under 1/4 throttle anyways in the tight stuff and 1/4 throttle is all piolt and fuel screw. It is not too bad even at 9000 ft. With all that power I do not really go into 1/2 throttle except on a wide road when in a hurry or on a really steep climb, etc.

Thanks JDD.. :)

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