2006 YZF on the cover of the July MXA

I'm confused. A couple guys posted about a "bike" having more or less "traction". Since when did "traction" become a bike a characteristic ?

Best sounding MX bike? A 490 Maico with a DutchPower GP pipe and FMF long silencer? I can't go to the track without 3-4 comments about how sweet it sounds.

If they continue improving their valve train the CRF might be an '06 or '07 choice.

New valve seat material in the CRF for '06.

That statement comes into play when accelerating out of a corner or on loose trails. They are meaning the power "Hit" explosion of how the power comes on. The 03 models were by far the stronger of the bunch. When you dump the throttle it hits hard with more potential to bust the back wheel loose than the newer models (or at least i can speak for my 04 model). It doesnt say the bikes are slower they just changed the power curve to hit in a different way.

The 03 model without a doubt is king as far as the "hit" goes. :)

YUP! I would rather clutch it if I needed and not have yamaha take the explosive power away. OR.... A least make the ignition map adjustable so we can decide what we want.

I'm confused. A couple guys posted about a "bike" having more or less "traction". Since when did "traction" become a bike a characteristic ?

Frame geometry,link ratio, etc. on the big Yamaha 4 strokes help the rear get better traction than other brands according to Dirt Bike and MXA. Additionally, all 4 strokes have a slower, more even wind-up when compared to a 250 class 2 stroke with a power valve. Thus a bike can get better traction, all other things equal. Of coarse, this can be negated with worn tires and poor technique. To be honest, the bikes I have ridden are all pretty close in almost all areas. I have a tough time believing when guys write in saying they just bought a new bike and it's light years ahead of their old bike. I get used to whatever bike I'm on and never feel that my bike keeps me from competing with my buds. In fact, when I trade with my buds, I always find small things that are better and small things that are worse than mine. Most things can be adjusted to IMO. Safe riding.

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