426vs fe 450

I own a 2000 model 426 and i was wondering if an hasaberg fe450 or fe550 has more topend than the 426 . and if any one no of any problems tha the hasabergs have at all .

The fe450 and the fe550 are not as strong as a yz450, but the differences are small. The difference between the fe450 and the fe550 is the torque. But the engine is not the big point for me. The bad seat tank ergonomics because of the wide tank and radiator shrouds is a bad point and the fix welded tail frame made of steel. It is sad that husaberg is own by KTM and not getting the nice small shape of the KTM´s, instead it has still the shape of the 99 husabergs and this ergonomics. The engine has been improved every year but only slightly the frame and ergonomics. In the end the best thing is: try out a husaberg and take what you fit best.

Have you thought about parts availability in the states? Too few produced and do you see any winning races? Top speed isnt all there is.

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