bike problems i need help

i have a 04 wr450 and about 3 days ago when i was ridding it died on me.. so i got it started again and made it home. But everytime i let of my throttel its continiously back fires it will backfire until i get on hte throttel again and when i pull in the cluch it dies on me. it dose not have no power anymore. i have no idea whats wrong i ride the bike hard from time to time and i do ramp with it, if someone can help me figure out the problem i could fix it but im not the one to tear my bike apart unless i no what im planning on doing, i have no idea the only thing i can think is that i burnt a vaulve or my flywheel key is sheered or something happened to my jetting. o ya it died right after i landed of a ramp. so can someone please help me or give me a few idea or or opinions on whats wrong, (i did the throttel stop mod and took out my baffel)


Did you check to see if your fuel screw fell out of the carb?

That's what it sounds like to me.

Since the bike is so new, I doubt it is a cam timing problem (ie timing chains). It has to be fuel or spark. Check to make sure the spark plug wire is firmly on the plug. As said in the previous post, check for any carb. vacuum leaks.

I had the same thing happen last week at the track. I accidentally had the hot start button pulled out and hadn't realized it as i rode a few laps.

Maybe a clogged jet in the carb, pull the jets blow them out and put back-in :)

Let us know what it was, so when it happens to us we know what to do :D

Check that the main jet didn't fall out into the fule bowl......DAMHIKIJK

thanks for the tips. what u guys have told me makes sence so in the few days ill check it out my familys going on vaccation but soon as i cheack ill let u guys know.. thanks alot

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