Extra blue wire on regulator/rectifier ?

I have a 99 WR400 w/ baja d.s. kit. I determined that the reg/rect shit the bed, so I ordered a new one from baja designs. I'm hoping that I didn't receive the wrong part, because it has an extra blue wire that is not on the old reg/rect. There is a simplified wiring diagram on the side of the part showing the blue wire going to the battery. The schematic from the kit instructions show no such wire (just the 2 yellows, red, and black). Should I just tape off the blue wire? Should I splice it into the positive side of the battery? Or do I have the wrong part? (it's the one they told me I needed at B.D.)

Thanks in advance for any info! :)


I called B.D. and found the answer to my question...Here it is, in case anyone reading this had the same question:

It is the correct regulator/rectifier. Plug the blue wire into the black wire from the battery. Plug the black male connector into the harness(just how the old one was). Don't use the black pigtail with the female connector. The others are more obvious.

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