problems with wr450

i want to know what problems people have had with there wr450. if you could answer with year and problem you had that would be awesome. i also know that every bike has it problems i just want to see which one the wr has. :) peace

On the 04 and earlier bikes the decomp plug above the exhaust likes to blow out which not only makes an oil mess but can allow dirt into the camshaft area of the head. This is easily fixed by installing the TT decomp plug available through the TT store.

about how much does it cost and how much maintence did you do on the your wr.

So far, the only problem I've had with mine is not enough time to ride!! :)

my 05 wr blew up. yamaha paid for parts. lost a lot of riding time.

WAT in gods name were you doing that made your bike blow up. was it a manufature default?

The only problem I have with my '05 is that the graphics on the gas tank are peeling off from under the seat. The bike rules, has been very reliable and maintenance free so far.

they just said there wasn't any thing i could do. mechanic said yamaha basically wanted to keep it confidential. i guess i got a lemon!

04 wr450 no problems so far, only have about 125 miles on it

I got about 400 miles on the 05 wr450 and the only thing I can tell is it gets a little hot. Gotta love that resivoir.

no problems as of yet, unless i allow the wr to idle for 20 minutes to allow for cool down after riding. then it boils over or over heats, yes i'm a dumba**

WR450 '05 (AUS) done 250 miles with some teething problems. Main problem from picking it up from the dealer was an erratic idle after it warmed up. It also had a terrible throttle repsonse off idle, I put up with it until installing a JD jetting kit and it fixed all. Seems stock it's too lean, hence people noting they run hot! mine boiled on hills etc before now it doesn't.

Im not much of a mechanic and annoys me to know it was lean all that time running hot and stuffing the motor.

Chain hits the sub frame, look from opp side to chain through wheel.

All round happy with the bike now.

I have just passed a thousand miles on my O4 WR and still love it. My problem is that I seem to get mud around (and past) the front fork seals.

If you maintain the bike (change oil, lubricate components, etc..) it will last for years and years.

300 miles on a my '05 and all is great. I finally got the jetting dialed in and it runs great...SC

i have close to 1300 miles (dirt/street) on my 05 WR450 and not any problems. The best bike i have ever owned.

ok i have gotten tons of great responces and obviously the wr450f is the best choice but i have two final questions

1. Is it green sticker in californa?

2. What do you people do for basic maintences like what do you do every so often miles? (oil reeds forks engine that kind of stuff.)

Got about 240 miles on my 04 WR450, zero troubles at all. Had a WR426 prior and it was trouble free also.

1) Yes, Green Sticker

2) Follow manual for maint, they built it :)

04 WR450 - no problems except a fork seal. Put some Shock Sox on the rig and have had no issues since. sweet rig

05 is GREEN sticker

Low maintenence. Change oil, check valves on occasion, clean AF, lube chain, normal everyday stuff that is AFTER you do free mods and tune it right.

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