problems with wr450

'04 WR450

$@#% #$@@ !%#%## Yamaha Fork Seals!!!!!

Airscrew fell out, installed the ZipTy replacement.

Steering head bearings and front wheel bearings were 'Gone in Sixty Seconds,' use lots of waterproof grease. ASAP!

what is the best method of tuning the wr450

330 miles on an 05 WR450 and lovin every mile she gives me! :):)

Nothing but the free mods and the usual upgrades.

Yea it gets a little hot in the tight stuff...what do ya want it's a 450!

A lot of guys have logged 6000 plus miles on 03 WRs with no complaints except for the starter woodruf key issue that is easily corrected. Compared to Honda and KTM I think Yamaha is the clear winner in reliability. So why do I still keep looking at pumpkins?

03 WR450 no issues except I upgraded to the 04 starter design before a backfire failure occured. Fantastic bike! :):):D

03 WR450 no issues, also upgraded to the 04 starter design before a backfire failure occured.

Ill my buddies ride KTM, but I love the WR. 1300 miles of tight single track riding. Little bit of open stuff too. Great bike.

Love my 03, but...

1) the fork seals suck in the conditions I ride in. Sandy muddy crap. I have had to replace them twice in 2 years. Even with religious maintenance. I pull off the dust caps, clean them and repack with grease as the manual states after every ride.

2) Had an the ignition coil go bad. The bike would not idle consistently. Acted like it was a dirty pilot jet, but was a faulty coil instead.

3) The starter is weak for a 450 jug. Had to replace mine once. I normally just kick start it now. Save the magic button for when I'm tired, or if I'm stuck on a hill. (love the button for that. :) )

4) The battery is only good for about 10-15 seconds of cranking. Even if brand new. But if you have to crank that long, something is wrong with your bike.

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