99 WR 400 for sale with VERY LOW miles. It still has the original tires and chain. It has a IMS seat and tank(YZ TYPE),Renthal YZ bend bars,FMF 909 top triple clamp,Thumper bar risers,FMF MegaMax II FULL pipe/header,Acerbis Rally pro hand guards,renthal 13 tooth front sprocket,removed air box cover,twin air filter,YZ front number plate. have all original parts except exhaust.this bike has been trail ridden only and never raced. it is now collecting dust and would like to move it to buy more parts/chrome for my Road King! bike is in central Connecticut. bike was my first dirtbike(at 35!) and now its out of my system. I owe $3800. and first offer of this amount can have it.email me at pauljengolden@hotmail.com or call at 860-742-1001.

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