What brand bars are you guys running?

Also, have any you guys swithched to a different triple clamp. If so what are you using?

the ultimate? RG-3 clamps with Pro Tapers.

Having said that, I run ProTapers with an Applied top clamp. When I get some extra $$ I am going for some RG3's! :)

RG3 top and bottom with Renthal Twinwall Windham bend or Protapers with the windham bend(my prefered bend)

I have both bars but prefer the crossbar and pad to protapers. The protapers do flex more though...and work with a steering stabilizer..

The clamps are just awesome period.

Do those RG3's really dampen the braking bumps?

I have pro taper bars and a pro taper clamp on my 450 and love them. :)

Renthal FatBar RC Bend and BRP triples

Applied triple and Pro Taper Windham bend, but thinking about going back to Tag T2 bars.

Which pro taper clamp are you using? They make like 3 different types. I was going to get there cheapest one, but decided to hold off for an RG3.

Tag T2 Bars Tri-star adj triple clamps :)

Im running the Pro Taper bars with a Vortex upper triple clamp.

Applied triple/Tag

Tag T2's in sx bend with adapter mounts have a gyt-r top tripple but don't use it -- just got some new tag T2 in yz double high bend for more height, i'm 6'3 :)

Pro Taper bars with the universal clamp adapter on the stock clamp. I like the adapter, it adds almost a inch of height.

running renthal bars and the RG3's 23mm Triple clamps.


TwinWall RC Bend

How do you guys like your RG3's? Are they worth the extra $$$$

Any one running the Fasst Flex bars? If so how do you like them???

ProTaper Honda mid with universals on my stock clamps.....Who needs an aftermarket clamp..:)

ProTaper Windham/Pro Taper Rubber mount upper.

Pro Tapers, CR HI bend, with universal adapters on stock clamp.

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