What brand bars are you guys running?

renthals with anodized ends

RG3 and Protaper bars. The RG3 clamp (top) is awsome, I think any of the name brand bars will serve you well.

Pro-Taper SE bars with Pro-Taper rubber mounted triple clamp.

Pro taper

RG3 clamps and Pro-Taper Bars

Stock bars! But, I've always used renthals. Fatbars (suzuki low) and adapters on their way!

How do you guys like your RG3's? Are they worth the extra $$$$

Best clamp ever

I have top and bottom triple clamps made by universal and CR high bend protapers. Protapers are the best bars by far.

How do you guys like your RG3's? Are they worth the extra $$$$

Well worth the money IMO :)

RG3 gen 2 top clamps with the Fasstco Flexx bars. when you know your gonna case a big one, and you do, these make it so much better. No shock or a "slamming feeling."

Applied Top Clamp, Carmichael Pro-Taper bars. Great... but now I want to know more about the RG3's.

I have always used Pro Taper bars (McGrath/Henry Bend... And a Fly Racing Triple Clamp...

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