Question on the 450

I'm thinking of getting a yz450f or a yz250. I was wondering if it is worth it to get a 450 when I can find a good used yz250 for cheaper. I know the 250 is lighter and easier to maintain since it is a 2 stroke, but does the 450 have a lot more power and is it easier to ride? :)

It does have more power. Depending on the year, it's about 5, more or less.

Easier to ride is a little bit subjective. The YZ250 has one of the best quarter liter two stroke engines ever built in terms of how smoothly the power is delivered. It's "almost like a four stroke", but not quite. It is lighter, and easier to toss around, but the 450's big wide power curve is much more manageable, making it easier to ride in that sense. And two strokes just don't hook up the way a four stroke single does.

To me, I'd ride a big four stroke even if they were heavier AND less powerful, and at times in the past I have. I just like them better, and in the kind of riding I like most, I'm faster on one. But that's me, not you.

I might buy my son a YZ250 instead of a YZ450. Depends on him. But two things are certain: I'm keeping my YZ450, and he's not going to get a CRF. :)

I made the switch last year, and absolutely love the 450. I came from an 03' YZ 250, and have since then four of my friends have made the switch as well.

Also depends on what sort of riding you plan to do. If its mostly track work I would tend to lean towards the 250 2 stroke, however if its going to be bush riding, I wouldn't even consider the 250 2 stroke. 450, 4 stoke all the way! Much more usuable power, especially when it comes to some decent hills in wet conditions. :)

I think all get the yz450 then. Thanks for the help.

Its the thinking mans machine..

Go With The 450-its An All Around Better Machine.

For tight woods or tracks, YZ250. For open trails, big hills, sand, YZ450F. If you're a bigger rider, YZ450F. If used, the YZ250 is a lot easier to freshen up.

The latest YZ250s are very similar, with a flexible powerband. My '02 needed no mods for any type of riding. The '03 YZ450F is a beast in OE trim, and it really benefits from some additional flywheel weight in gnarlier terrain. I hear the '04 is slightly less hairy. The '05 I haven't ridden, but I hear it's power is much more manageable.

Is one easier to ride? They each have their own character, but I prefer the YZ250 for most of my riding. It's just more fun for me. The YZ450F has a lot of engine braking, and feels top heavy in the woods. But, the YZ450F stays hooked up better. The YZ250 is easier for me to deal with in the air (all 4 feet of it) as well. And, the YZ250 is easier for me to start -- not a big deal unless you do dead engine starts.

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