What do you wear while riding?

Curious, as I am not really a big fan of the name brand jerseys with all the designs, colors, and what not. Does anybody ride in something other than a Yammy jersey and pants?

shift jersey and pants or thor jersey and pants. astar tech8. msr helmet

I have all FOX pants and jerseys. I have the "Yamaha" one and FOX gloves. Boots are Acerbis, chest protector is Moose. Helmet is Oneil, goggles are Scott, shin/knee guards are Fox. I have an RC1 neck roll and FOX elbow guards, but dont usually wear those. I dont really care which brand, I like a certain blend of colors and will buy any brand I think looks good. But I find FOX pants/jerseys fit the best IMHO.

I am a big fan of the Thor gear. Fox Hart replica helmet, and SG 10's for boots. I like the Fox dirtpaw gloves although they dont last very long.

Just a warm hat! :)

Just a warm hat! :)

:D Yeah, I seen your avatar! :)

fox helmet... fox gloves, blue singlet, old torn jeans... and shoei boots (old ones) or my usual work boots.... depending if i have to push start my bike ...

I buy my gear on quality and value for money, not brand name.

Fox Jersey (runout at 2 for $AU50) can't even buy T-shirts for that!

Fly pants and gloves - crash tested many times

Oxtar TCX boots (Worth every cent)

Six Six Six One elbow guards

road race back protector (when doing 'likely to crash' activities)

Thor pivot knee guards (just ordered some asterisk cells) last crash = damaged ligament in knee

O'Neil helmet

Fox Pro Pilot Helmet, black Moose jersey, black Thor ride pants and Moose qualifier pants depending on temp, 661 elbow forearm guards, Thor knee guards, Thor gloves, Alpinestar Vector boots, AXO chest protector, Fox kidney belt, Pro Grip light sensitive goggles. Dress for the crash!!

HJC Brainbucket... Oakley O-Frames.. (retired my fox jersy) Thor Jersey... 12 Dollar walmart cargo pants made by bugel boy.. :) they fit over my boots and have pockets and removeable lower leggs to turn into shorts.. :) 12 bucks vs. 50... ill stick w/ my walmart cheapies... and my fox forma pro boots... Dont have any new gloves yet but my last pair were fox's.. (got stolen w/ my helmet and goggles..)

I own a couple different sets of Thor pants/jerseys and one Fox set. Alpinestar boots Tech 6. Three or four different pairs of socks. 2 different HJC helmets. Thor gloves, Fox gloves. EVS knee and elbow guards. Thor Force chest protector. Thor kidney belt. I tend try on what appeals to me and buy what fits and wears well. So far these brands I've tried and liked but it really depends on what fits you best. In the future I'll probably try to find Moose or MSR. Moose is not in stock anywhere around here but, MSR is growing. Both companies seem very supportive to the sport.

A smile :)

ha ha ha!

Whatevers the cleanest in my gear bag.

Visually cleanest or clean by the SMELL TEST?? :)

Whatevers the cleanest in my gear bag.

HJC Helmet

Thor Phase Pants, Jersey & Gloves (EBay for $90)

Alpinestars Tech 5 boots

EVS BJ22 Under-jersey armor

EVS Option knee guards

Utopia Too Dirty goggles


and a jock strap to keep the boys happy...SC

Shift pants because I have ripped too many pairs of Levis

Thor boots cause I dont dare ride in shoes

Usually a T-shirt and Gloves to protect the hands

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