Hebo Hydraulic Clutch Photos

Here are a few pictures of the first pass installation of my Hebo "juice" clutch. The installation was a snap! I haven't had a chance to try it....even up and down the street, but the clutch action is smooth and light. Definately a one finger clutch.


Here's what the clutch lever/mastercylinder looks like. I switched the compression release to outside the mastercylinder - it really gets a little tight over there.


and from the front:


I'll let you know how it works after the weekend.

If you are thinking about one of these - erider is having a sale that is over at the end of Feb. They say they have about 6 left at $167. www.erider.ws (I'm just a customer - no ties to erider at all)

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Thanks for the info. Even though the clutch feels ok to me, I plan to keep my WR426FN for quite awhile. I figured I might as well make it clutch as easy as the KTM! That with the Guts Racing Seat I'm getting done, will make this Great bike even GREATER!



I've adjusted it a little more - this clutch is smooth, pure silk. It is definately the lightest clutch in the garage (KLX 300 and CR 250). It is not just being light - it is just very very smooth! I really like it more each time I pull it in.

This change is one of my favorities - and one of the cheapest.

Hey Mike it looks great, how did you mount the slave cylinder to bike at the base. What about taking your compression lever and putting it on the underside of bars. I hope your not busy at the end of the week so you can help me put mine on before my race this sunday. PS has BigFord Truck learned how to start that KLX300 yet. Hey I got a green sticker for my 2001 WR426F.

Moose - No problem....bring your ride by. I'll show you how easy it is to peel that green sticker off your bike and put it on mine. David changed his air screw setting and that Kawasaki starts like a Yamaha now (maybe). Don't know if the cable will reach if I move the CR to the underside - but it's not a bad idea....would look like our old TT500's then. The slave hooks to the tab that used to hold the old cable. PIC (piece of cake).

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You guys should try the GYT thumb operated compression release from Yamaha. I love mine.


Great photos. Purchased one of the Hebo clutches today. Kevin directed me to these photos on the dirtrider.net website. By the way, he indicated that there were only 3 left, so any of you hesitating may have procrastinated too long. Looking forward to installing this soon.

Dshirain - I really like the looks of the GYT CR - but $80.....that looked like alot to me. I may have to reconsider

Rock "man" - Thanks...glad they helped. I was really wanting to see what this thing looked like when I was getting ready to install it. I'm not sure there isn't a better way to mount it - I'm sure someone will figure one out once they see the parts and my starting point.

I still think there is a way to eliminate the cable sheath by modifying adjustable screw (on the right hand side of the top picture - mounted in the stock cable bracket) and hard mounting the slave cylinder to it (basically screw it on). I'm just not sure it wouldn't stick out too far. I may experiment on my brother-in-laws WR (Unkle Moose) :D and see if it works any better. If it doesn't work.....what the heck - ain't my bike! :)

Michael, I read your posting on the Hebo and decided to call erider. Since my bike fell on the freeway and needed to replace the perch and lever assembly I said what the heck, I'll buy it. I have only tonight to install it before a 600 mile ride this weekend. I tried to look at your photo's but photopoint is down right now (story of my life). Are their any tips you can give me to make this job as painless as possible? Cutting lenths? Thanks, Dan

Yeh Mike just like you to set up your bike the easy way and always experiment on mine. Like you said if it don't work "it ain't my bike". Don'y know I let you do these things, must be the dain bramage you caused to me when you landed on top of me off the jump at the salt ponds on our 77XT500's. Was setting up the HEBO clutch last night but can't get pictures to come up for reference. Can you please e-mail me tonight. Thanks your brother-inlaw Moose

Sorry Dan - it was a busy day at work, and I'm getting this late. I can't offer much help, routing the line is kinda clear when you get the old cable out. I used about 2" of the cable sheath. The adjustment was odd. When it is all on mechanically and before you start to position the slave cylinder piston, this is what I did:

1) Make sure you have the 8-10mm space in the adjustment piece threaded into the slave cylinder

2) Make sure the "terminating barrel" - the part that inserts into the clutch arm - is NOT tighten on the cable

3)Check to make sure the mechanical attachment is set the way you what it and clearance are okay

4)Now screw in the adjustment piece in the slave cylinder to eliminate the 8-10mm space

5)Have a helping hand to push in the slave cylinder piston with the rivot tool

6)You rotate the clutch arm counterclockwise to remove any play and tighten the screw in the barrel to lock the cable

7)Work the clutch several times

8)Adjust the threaded adjustment piece in the slave cylinder to acheive the correct freeplay - feel - of the cable

9)Adjust the screw on the lever that pushes the mastercylinder piston to set up your lever

10)Start the beast (WARNING - your results could vary) and carefully check for proper clutch function.

Mine tended to "drag" a bit (clutch wouldn't completely disengage) at first - it could have been exciting if I had been in a tight space. I hadn't adjusted (step 4) very well so I had a bit of excess slack (play) in the cable.

Hope that, with the pictures, helps...

I'm going to try a different install on mine (as I discussed above) - maybe next week. I want to ride it this weekend. I'll let you know what the result is.

Michael, Thanks for all of your work on the reply. I installed the unit last night, I do have the instructions but they are kinda confusing and after a couple of coors lights I decided to improv. I did print out your pictures and just copied your set up verbatum and it work out just fine.. I havnt run the bike yet but it looks like im getting full pull out of the thing, the pull is real nice and smooth! I would however like to mount the slave unit to the bike some how with a more robust bracket just for peace of mind, they say you dont need it but I dont think it would hurt. Did you say this was a "snap"?? You must be the man cause it took me some time to figure it out. Anyway, thanks again.... Dan

Hey Mike Thanks for the help thursday night in adjusting the HEBO CLUTCH it was much appreciated. Thanks for not taking my advice years ago, I'm glad you married my sister. It sure is good to be back riding again. Now if it would just quit raining on the weekends so we can get your son out on his first ride on a bike (what a 2-stroker)

I received and installed my Hebo setup last Sat. I installed it like Michael except I turned the brake line over on the slave cylinder so the line points up off the bottom of the slave unit. I also made a small bracket that bolts to the left side of the slave unit (when setting on the bike) and the engine case just below and to the rear of the slave unit. Works great, definitely worth the money.

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