just how many miles to the center of an xr-r

not sure if cross posting is ok, just easier than typing. the never ending post has brought up a question i have had

" Re: XR650L- Best Bike in the world-

when you get over 20,000 miles on a xr650r with out any motor work thats when you can brag how good it is.XR650l are the best all around bike you can buy!!!!!!!" END QOUTE

I have a beloved 650L just not enough power for my off road riding style so I have decided to get rid of my kx and add an R to the stall, never had a bad honda, other than the one engine they replaced. Anyone with a trip computer or good log have a big number for the R. 10k 15k 20k miles?`I see one of the transameritrail guys with aprox 8k on an 01. My big concern is I will do that the first year and would like to get 3 years or a little better without cracking the cases open .

11k on an 03 and a friend with 28 K on a 2000, he did change a cam but for performance not because of wear.All desert miles and run pretty good.

There was one on a UK autotrader web site last year with 38,000 miles on it.....

Good to hear, just gotta get that right foot peg failure fear set proper in my mind then I will pick up an R, anybody in nth florida with a good deal on an 02 or newer?

I can get rid of your footpeg fear.

I read thru your info on the foot peg mod in the other thread. Reassuring there is a fix.

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