problem with my 99 WR400 compresion

the kick starter just cycles through without using the decompression lever like usual? any ideas? valves, spark plug? not sure, thanks for any help. air-in

probably valve related. Not spark plug related (unless it is loose or missing)

Could have a bit of shit under the seat.Drain the fuel and throw a bit of premix 50:1 in the tank (1/2 a litre is enough) Get a mate to help you push start it. If/when it starts, take it for a run around the block. Stop the bike and see if you can still kick it through.

If you can open your manual at the 'how to check valve clearance' page.

The last ime you had it running was it idling high? If so you may have a broken carb slide plate. This happened to me . A piece of the plate was stuck between the valve and the head so the valve would not close. If you haven't checked the slide plate for cracks or breakage you should do so. I would not try to run it until you figure out the problem. Maybe your decompression release isn't working right. Disconnect it and see if it still kicks through. It definately sound like a valve is stuck open and you need to find out why. When were the valve clearances checked last, maybe they are that far out. There is another post here about valves that are too tight.

Good luck

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