So. Cal Hi Desert Jetting 05 WR450

I've got my new WR and put in the PMB insert, removed the AIS, YZthrottle stop, opened airbox & removed snorkle. I'm about to install my JD jets and was wondering if anyone else who rides the high desert area in the summer had any experienced recommendations for red needle vs. blue and which clip position, which main (168?), plus how many turns on idle screw. Ride mostly 3000-4500ft Dove Srings, Jawbone, Mojave, Gorman etc.




Doug, go to the jetting database here on the WR site and copy my jetting specs.. I ride Jawbone and Mojave on the weekends.. My bike runs perfect.... :)

Thanks for the reply Dan. I'm so worn out from doing the valves that I've just gone up on the main and thrown in the JD red #5 for now. The carb bowl screws have started to strip, so I'll have to pull the carb all of the way out to replace them.


Doug... They must make those bowl screws out of Butter... They're way too soft.

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