yzf seat and tank combo for sale..

I am selling a seat and tank combo from a yzf.. it will fit 98-02 wr/yz 400-426-250...ect both are in excelent shape and ready to bolt up to your wr.. perfect for some one who wants to do the yz plastic conversion, or just get the seat and tank for the better and and more aggresive riding stance you can achieve from the slimmer and flatter design...

$175 bucks to have them delivered to your doorstep via ups ground..

email to jennah_smile@hotmail.com or send me a p.m. if you are interested..

I will try to post some pics in the next day or two..


Do the tank shrouds come with the tank? If not, will my 98 WR shrouds fit.

I belive your shrouds will fit, if not I have a set that I can throw in but one side is kinda scratched up... nothing a set of graphics wouldnt fix...

still availible.... thinking about listing on ebay...


And we will tell you how these work out. I apreciate your time helping us on this deal!

Roland Cannon

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