Anyone running a Thunder Alley exhaust?

Is anyone running the full Thunder Alley exhaust system with the spark arrestor and 96db quiet insert? I know the pipe rips when unplugged. I'm just wondering about the power when you add the 96db quiet insert. I have a 98 YZ400 and I'm currently running a WB e-series with 12 disks and the quiet core insert. To get it down to 96db White Brothers told me to run 6 disks with the quiet core insert.This seems way to restrictive. I mostly ride single track, fire road, and some desert.

I'm running a TA muffler with spark arrester and stock pipe but am not sure which quiet insert Bob put in it. I have never had it sound checked but it is plenty loud so I would guess it is the 98db insert. It made a huge difference in power over the stock muffler(which was also fairly loud) I think I'll try the 96db insert soon.

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