Smell of burnt oil

Hello, yesterday on the track an other guy told me that he realize when he is riding behind me because he smells burnt oil. Last fall my transmission broke down and i repaired it. With the work on the engine, i changed also the piston rings and swapped to the hotcam cam. Then i changed the top end seals and rebuilt everything. Until now i have about 5 hours of riding on my bike and changed the oil once. Before i disassemble the engine because of the smell of burnt oil, i would have some ideas what i have to look for. Maybe i´m too much afraid of some engine problems or the other guy has a bad nose. Thanks for every possible reason you know.


Take a good look at your oil and frame filters for extraordinary amounts of metal shavings.

You might first ask yourself if your engine uses any oil at all. If it does, it's going somewhere. It either leaks or burns oil. If it doesn't use any, forget the whole thing.

You did not say whether yours is a 450 or a 426, but the 450 has a flimsy plastic plug in the bore where the compression release shaft used to go. Look directly above the exhaust port on the front of the cylinder head. There should not be a hole there. If there is, welcome to the club. Get a plug through the TT store, so the plug won't fall out again, and check your breather tube for being blocked or pinched.

If not, and there are no external leaks, and your engine does in fact use oil, then you may have weak rings or faulty valve guides seals.

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