Cold Starting

It has been cold the last few times I have been riding (either below or at freezing) and my WR has been a snatch to start. I usually end up giving it a squirt from the throttle, and then kicking until it pops. Another squirt, which will light it, runs for about 4 seconds, dies. Repeat squirt, run dies... about 4 more of those until it goes into a fast idle (choke idled) and then it will warm up and run fine. I have not fouled a plug in a looooong time... (since making "let it warm up thoroughly" a priority) but it seems like some of you have easier starting machines. I can always get it started, but it is more work than I would like. It does get better in the summer, but not first kick like everybody brags about. Usually three or more. I am starting the YZ timing tommorrow, and will have a 48 PJ, 65 SJ, 100 PAJ, and #4 DVP... Any tips or ideas? Thanks.

Although a cheap shot, is your plug new or have some time on it?

It is cold here also and mine is hard to start i give mine 3 twists of the throttle b-4 kicking and it seems to work.

Have you tried adjusted your idle higher? It sounds a bit like it's starved for gas. I had a problem starting my bike after I took the carb apart to clean it. (I over-oiled my air filter.) I put it back together with the idle set way too low. It wouldn't start, but the plug was fouling and covered in gas. Sometimes it would start and run for just a second or two then die. I "reset" the idle all the way to where it didn't contact the throttle at all, then I started working my way up. It took probably (I'm guessing here) 6-8 full turns of the idle adjuster to get it right. Now that I have it set properly, it starts on the first kick almost every time. And my plug is clean and dry.


NOt a new plug, but it does the same thing with a new plug. I put one in last time it started doing this. It helped, but did not alleviate the problem. About the idle... Do you change you idle setting while riding a lot? Do you start it, let it warm, and then drop it down? I have my Idle set fairly low, maybe it would help to run it up... I'll clean the carby too when I rejet...

I live in nH and its cold and I can get my bike started easily.

1. Hold the decompression lever in

2. Twist the throtthe open, choke off

3. Kick 10 times, never releasing the decomp lever or throttle.

4. Put choke on

5. 1 kick normal without touching throttle.

it will start.

6. Have a fun ride

ps when my bike is cold it is hard to start and does the same thing you explain unless I follow the above steps. Try it, can't hurt.

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I am no expert, only a novice. My bike ran out of gas the other day. I filled it back up and started it. It ran for about 4 secs. and died. It did this a couple times until the carb filled up w/fuel. So I would agree it sounds like your bike is starving for fuel.

I usually don't mess with the idle setting at all. I adjusted mine only because it wasn't set right. I did have to eventually adjust it a little lower because I (re)set it too high initially. But it was the idle setting that caused my bike to not start. BTW, I lied in my earlier post. After the bike sits for a while, (say, a week) it starts on the 2nd kick, not the first.

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