Jetting/Big Gun exhaust?

Last night, I installed the big gun, trakside man! You wouldn't believe the moto skills I was showing! Anyway, I like the power, but I noticed my jetting wasn't totally crispy, because my buddy on his 250exc still smoked me on the track even after buying a big gun. Usually when I cant beat a KTM, my jetting isnt crisp? What do I do??? :)Jetting/Big Gun exhaust?

I think I might have been at the track you were at. I saw a guy with a Yamaha 450 and the a 125 with numbers 111 passing you alot. Wasn't that you on that auto clutch EXC?

No that was my budy on the Auto clutch 250exc, he is really fast! I cant seem to get my jetting as crispy as his :) So maybe I'll get one of those big gun rev boxes and that will do the trick! :) Dang he jumps high!

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