wr426 oil level

Hi guys, I just bought a 02 WR426 and after have checked all the bike, i tryed to check the oil level but with a lot of surprise I didn't find dipstick.

Now, is there someone that can suggest me what to do?

I could use a gage o somthing like that but I don't known the min and max level. Please help me.

Thanks in advance.

I have the same bike. The dipstick is up by the handlebars in the frame because the is a dry sump bike. Be sure to run it for 2 pr three min, shut it off and let it sit for a couple min before checking it.

thanks for your answer, but I known the location where find the dipstick, the problem is that there isn't, and I would like to known if there are other solution to check the oil level (one probably is to buy a new dipstick)

I had to buy a new one for mine. Cost about $10 with the o-ring here in the US. The guy I got the bike from put a temp guage in the hole and forgot to give me the dipstick. I can measure it when i get home and let you know where the low/high reedings are but you really need something to plug the hold in case you lay it down. Plus Yamaha warns about removing the cap too soon after a hard ride as oil may spray out.

Great, I wait your replay.

From where it seats when checking the oil (botom of the threads) it is 8 1/8 inches long. One inch up is full and anything below that is within range.

Thanks,I used your suggestion, the oil level is ok

You are welcome. Glad I could help out a fellow thumper!

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