Hard as Hell seat.

Has anyone been able to come up with an alternative to the "rock-hard" seat on the 05 WR450?

Sure is a pain in the ass!!

Skid, UN fortunately the answer is NO :) but there are a few things you can do to improve yours.

Take it from a guy who has allready bought an aftermarket seat then threw it away. If you don't mind spending 50 bucks on an after market seat cover get a CEET cover, they are soft and feel a hundred times better than stock.

When you take off your old seat cover you will find two 1/2" thick square pads that reinforce the area right where you sit. Those two pads are 10 times harder than the rest of the seat foam and make the area where you sit really firm.

I took out one of those pads and replaced my original seat cover with the after market one and I wear a pair of Fox riding shorts.

I don't get Monkey ass any more.

Someone may chime in and recommend a Guts racing seat but thats the one I threw in the trash.

Good Luck


I have the tall soft seat foam and competition seat cover from Gutsracing.com. Much more comfortable and a very well made seat cover. If you send your seat to them they will recover it for you free. Or just staple it yourself. :)

My 426 has a nice seat by factoryFX, down side it is makes the bike feel taller.

What are you doing sitting down :)

You racers may stand up all the time but us trail riders ned to take a break.......hard to stand up for hours at a time :)

Stand up..

padded bycycle pants uder your riding pants help.

Has anyone been able to come up with an alternative to the "rock-hard" seat on the 05 WR450?

Sure is a pain in the ass!!

Man, if you think the Yammy seat is tough, you should try riding a KTM for a while. My riding buddy and I swapped bikes for a while on a ride last weekend (he has a 200 EXC). That thing feels like you're riding on an axe handle. The narrow way. :) Made me appreciate my WR foam--felt like a couch after that torture. Now I know why he rides standing up so much--he HAS to. :)

I get more padding on my :) each year. Seat gets better with age.

If you thinking about going for a GUTS racing seat. They come in 2 different foam type versions ~ firm & soft. Most already know the seats also come in 2 different seat heights ~ tall or standard (stock).

I first purchased the tall/firm seat which wound up being too tall for me so I've modified it to my preferences along with a Guts competition cover. In my parts trading I wound up with a extra WR450 seat pan so now I have a second Guts standard/soft with competition cover.

If your ordering a seat from their website just add an "S" after the part number to chose the softer foam. Don't be mislead by the term "soft" or "softer" the foam doesn't collaspe to paper thin nothing. It has great support but not the rock hard 2 by 4 that I was trying to avoid.

Everybody has their on preference, riding style and intend use. In my situation, I should have purchased the standard/soft version first, I would have saved myself a headache and a sore rear. Good Luck :)

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