Best rear tire size for xr650r.

Time for a new back tire. not sure if i should run the stock 110/100/18 or go with something wider. whats everyone else running and how do you like your setup? thanks,

I run a 130 and I love it really good for sand, some people even run 150 but I think that might be a bit much, 130 suits my riding fine. I ride road, and trail.

The absolute best rear that I have found, in terms of wear, is the IRC VE-33. You can buy a 120/100-18, or just get what I do: 5.10-18. The 5.10-18 seems to have bigger knobbies than the 120/100-18.

With the IRC's, I put a new one on the back of my CR500 before a 100+ desert race. After the race, I Practice on it for around 300 miles in the weeks leading up to the next race.. I'd then take that tire off and put it on one of my Dual sports, and commute with it for at least 1000 miles before replacement with another used IRC..

Dunlops I've had to throw away aftrer a measly 100 mile desert race. They got rid of their one good tire, the K139 front.

I ended up with the Dunlop 606 120/90/18. after i mounted it up, i realized that i could have gone bigger, dont you hate that! I think with the 606 i should have gone AT LEAST! a 130, probally a 140. oh well, it did do a fine job this weekend at the sunfair dry lake out in joshua tree. there is sand there, plenty of rocky trails and hills, and some dirt. it seemed to perform pretty well, not to hot in the sand but i easiely climbed the sand hill there. it needs more knobs on the side of the tire. just my opinion. later, mike.

I run the IRC M5B 140.

It will last a good month of riding. App 200 miles

XR650R's eat tires even when your not on the gas..

If you are uncorked and have a Quicksilver pumper carb then break out the wallet.

LotsOfBikes :) is right

The IRC VE-33 is probably the best economical vs performance vs wear tire for this bike.

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