Air Box Mod.

I know there is an air box mod for my 05 but I want to know who has done it and what kind of power or performance increase they got.

I know a lot of you are like me, when I did my mods I did them all at once so I can't tell you what worked the best.

I just did an air box mod on the wifes 250X and it was like night and day. the bike gained an easy 3-5HP and was amazing.

does the WR mod sound similar to that?

do it...took me 5 kidding! Consider a JD Jetting kit and a after market filter. Much more throttle response! Jetting, air box and filter only takes about 1.5 hrs.

Have fun!

I oepned up mine but I did all the mods at once so I don't know how each one worked by itself.

My bike has a JD jet kit, the ASS piping removed and a WB pipe. I was very surprised how fast the bike is.

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