carby help

hey guys I have some questions

first here is my details

Altitude 20M ASL

Temp round 30°C

Needle clip on 3rd pos, 175 main

Bike: 01 XR650R with side panel cut and staintune exhaust

Ok I pulled apart my carby because the last time I went riding there seemed to be a bit of hesitation if I snapped on the throttle from low revs to full. I thought I might rejet to fix this problem. Everything is fine but when I took the main jet out the was another jet underneath it (needle jet holder?) and I took that out to. The problem is the needle jet holder under the main sits on a brass washer and I accidently moved it can someone please tell me what the standard amount of turns out the washer should be. Also when I read about the needle clip position are people talking about it from the top? What needle clip and main would you recommend for my setup?

The reason for the hesitation when you snap the throttle is due to the lack of a accelerator pump squirting gas... :)

Get a Edelbrock carb and that will take care of your hesitation.. :)

Sounds like that peein keihin is jetted about right though....... :D

I want a Edelbrock but am a student with no money :). I have just re jetted needle position 2nd from top and 182 main. Mid seems to have more power but i think the hesitation is still there :) The thing i'm not sure on is needle position

I think I have the best jetting possible for my setup, 175 main needle clip 4th from top. I don't think I can get an better throttle response unless I get a pumper carb which I can't afford

I agree with BrettJ. Same setup on my bike. I didn't want to by the Edlebrock either. I just want to have fun riding the bike. And it will do more than I can ask from it setup the way it is. So, I'm having fun, learning alot, BRP is happy now and I've got money in my pocket for that Baja Adventure. :)

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