WR Seat/Tank fixable

I was wondering if any of you other tall riders have attempted to remove your seat cover and put an extra couple inches of foam underneath. This would raise the seat height and smooth the seat tank junction so many of you complain about. In other words no more ski jump and a much needed increase in distance from the seat to the pegs for those of us long in the legs. I am 6'3" and am ordering a new seat cover to attempt this feat. If anyone has tried I am interested in the results. It is like $50 and much cheaper than a complete seat/tank swap and you maintain the nice 3.2 gallon tank.

Get the tall seat foam from GUTS racing. It works great and accomplishes exactly what you want with no crazy lumps under the cover like you would probobly get if you cut your own.

Here's what the tall Guts seat/foam look like. Its a little dark, but as you can see your right, the seat is much flatter (and a lot more comfortable too)


Did you use a normal "WR" seat cover with the guts foam. I hope there is enough cover to staple to the base when you are done. Is it soft or firm still? I don't want to be sinking into some HondA hole and get stuck there. I want to stay away from that XR feeling.

You'll have to use the Guts cover, the stock cover definitely won't have enough material for stapling. The guys at Guts are real helpful and will make the cover however you want (logo/no logo, gripper, plain vinyl, ballistic nylon or whatever you want) I got all blue with blue grip on top and plain vinyl sides with no logos. I think the foam comes in soft, hard, and extra hard. I got the hard foam and it feels similar to stock, except since its so much thicker it feels better than stock. I would guess that the extra hard would be like a brick.



Do you have a contact name or number for the seat kit and do they ship to Canada?

I drilled holes (not all the way through) in my foam to make it softer. It cost me 0.00$

I'm still thinking of getting the Guts Racing seat though.

Thanks Dan, I guess I could have tried that first.

Dave B

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