Can I run this gas.....

Tastes worse than tinkle??? Do you store EVERYTHING in Gatorade bottles? :):):D:D:D

Was waiting to see if someone would say something about that. :D:D

I was gonna but I am feeling somewhat humbled for some odd reason. Oh yeah, I dumped 34 gallons of gas into my diesel. I dont think I will be lipping off to anyone for a day or two.

I would not put that gas in my bike. Do like one of the guys said, put 5 gallons in your other cars every time you fill up.

wow, this brought back memories of when my dad put #2 diesel in his car a long while back. Repair bill was about $575

I put 5 gal Jet-A fuel in my car, but on purpose! It was becuase I was soo broke I could not afford to buy gas, so I 'borrowed' jet fuel from the tanker trucks at work. Car ran fine, smelled like a jet airplane, and destroyed the cat converter. Would'a been ok if it were a diesel engine. Oh well... live an learn.

dont use it in your bike. put it in a car.

or lawnmower :)

or the neighbors yard :)

Was waiting to see if someone would say something about that. :):D

Long solo road trips instead of whizzing on the side of the road every hour I'd keep on truckin' and fill an empty Gatorade bottle. I just need to quit drinking the lemon varieties :D that would solve half of my problems. :)

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