First ride with trick head and YZ450 cam

Did about 3 hrs of trail riding today. Love this engine now :D It wasnt all that impressive on the street, but in the dirt is where it really shines.

It is sooooooo strong down low, even from as low as 2500rpm, and pulls smoothly all the way through. The most impressive feature of this donk is it's ability to pull when overloaded. Where before it would just stall (generally followed my me and 426 sliding backwards down the hill) now it just keeps chugging along. Me being a novice at hillclimbs this helps get me out of sticky situations a lot :D

Havent played with the MJ yet, but I think I have the needle about right, maybe a tad rich just to be on the safe side.

Not too sure on the compression braking though :)

Crawling down some steep loose hills the back was locking under compression braking which wasnt what I wanted.

On the not so good side, it sounds like there is a woody woodpecker living somewhere in the bottom of my engine (he only pecks when he is hot) :D . I guess I had better investigate that tomorrow morning before I head out again. F%$@ I love this bike, even if I do spend more time working on it that I do riding it.

Funny story about todays ride. Found this neat single tril through some rainforest. Tight, smmoth, no ruts. It seemed too good to be true. It was... it was a walking track ! :D Not sure who was more startled, me or the bushwalkers. :) I stopped to apologise and explain that I have NFI where I was and they were cool. Last thing we need is more people complaining about trailbikes.

Sweet. I love the way my 450 keeps chuggin up steep climbs!! I know a good head guy, I may have mine done having seen yours!

it's in bit again as we speak. Time to do the rod/big end. Should serve me well for another few years when this is finished.

what's NFI.. You don't like the compression braking? I like that part the most about switching from the 2 stroke, Well, besides the low end grunt it has.. Walking trail huh, guess they should stay the to the right more when they are walking! :D I jsut got my 450, don't scare me about working on the bike more than riding, I don't like that part, and it better not be true! :):)


I was refering to the compression braking of the 450 cam as compared to the 426 cam.

NFI = no f$%@ing idea

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